Coastal Shipping

At Hemisphere we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients a domestic transport solution that links almost all of NZ’s domestic ports, at very competitive prices. We offer well over 20 years experience in coastal shipping and a full 'Door to Door' solution that is cost effective and reliable as well as being kinder to the environment.

HemiTrack — Shipping Made Easy!

  • Fully Integrated Container & Order Management System
  • Web-based coastal shipping application – the only one in NZ!
  • Book containers online, 24/7
  • Arrange and prioritise container deliveries and uplifts at both origin and destination, easily and remotely!
  • Attach order or container specific documents for destination users.
  • Stay informed regarding free-time and detention dates
  • Send order specific integrated notes

Coastal Shipping Service Integrity

  • Coastal shipping is the most reliable method of shipping containers between ports in NZ
  • Vessel schedules are very reliable and are less affected by extreme weather in winter months
  • For many port pairs there are options available to allow multiple departures every week

Coastal Shipping is Environmentally Friendly!

  • Coastal shipping leaves the lowest carbon footprint of all domestic transport solutions available today
  • An ‘all water’ domestic shipping solution from Auckland to Christchurch is 7-8 times more fuel efficient than road.
  • Compared with rail, coastal shipping is nearly twice as efficient.

Coastal Shipping is Cost Effective

  • International shipping lines require their empty containers in the South Island for export to overseas markets.
    Our service uses those containers – loaded with your product – and delivers them efficiently and quickly.
  • Coastal shipping is consistently the most cost effective means of transporting your products around New Zealand.
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